Taking backups with Acronis Cyber Backup

To take backups on the Acronis panel, you need to first create a Protection Plan. A Protection Plan is a set of rules that specify how the given data will be protected for a given VPS or Dedicated server.

A protection plan can be applied to multiple servers at any time. A server can also have multiple Protection Plans.

There are two ways to start backing up your server data:

Create a new Protection Plan

  1. Click Devices > All Devices

  2. Select the machines that you want to back up.acronis 1

  3. Click Protect (If there are existing protection plans assigned to the server, they will be displayed on the panel. If no protection plan has been assigned, then the default protection plan will be displayed)

  4. The new default plan will appear as follows:Acronis 2

  5. You can quickly get started with your backups by clicking on  Apply

  6. Alternatively, you can choose to customize your backup settings



    Our recommendation

    What to back up

    Entire server or specific drives or folders can be backed up

    Entire Machine backup

    Where to back up

    The backup storage location

    Cloud storage (This cannot be changed)


    How your data gets backed up and is stored on the Cloud storage

    • Weekly full, daily incremental

    • Select all 7 days

    • Start time: 9 pm

    How long to keep

    When to delete the older backup files

    Weekly: 4 weeks

    Daily: 7 days


    Whether your backups are encrypted or not

    Turn on encryption

    Application backup

    Backup of specific applications on your server like Oracle DB and cPanel accounts

    We don’t have a strong recommendation here as long as your server backup is active

    Backup options

    Advanced backup settings

    Enable alerts for failed backups. Rest can be skipped

  7. Click Apply/Create.

  8. You can also click on the Run Now option to take an instantaneous backup.

Use an existing Protection Plan

  1. Select the machines that you want to back up

  2. Click Protect. If a common protection plan is already applied to the selected machines, click Add Plan. The panel displays previously created protection plans.acronis-3

  3. Select a protection plan to apply.

  4. Click Apply.